Local Petrolhead dates for 2017

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Local Petrolhead dates for 2017

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Local Petrolhead dates for 2017

If you know of an event that may take the interest of or our local petrolhead community and that is close enough to attend, post up and hopefully one of the site moderators or admin will update the list below.

01-01-2017 : Everywhere : the start of a new year of biking !

11 & 12-03-2017 : Edinburgh : Scottish Motorcycle Show : http://www.scottishmotorcycleshow.com/

16-06-2017 to 18-06-2017 : BSB Knockhill, http://www.knockhill.com/events/british ... onship-bsb

02-07-2017 : Alford GTM : Speedfest : http://www.gtm.org.uk/events/speedfest-2017/

12-08-2017 to 13-08-2017 : BTCC (cages) Knockhill, http://www.knockhill.com/events/british ... ampionship

20-08-2017 : Royal Deeside Speed Festival, Hill Climb, soapbox and more: Kincardine Castle, Deeside, http://www.rdsf.co.uk/

03-09-2016 : Alford GTM : Grampian Motorcycle Convention : http://www.grampianmotorcycleconvention.com/
http://www.gtm.org.uk/events/grampian-m ... onvention/

Some other links of interest:

Please note that the details above are a brief summary taken from information openly available on the internet. aberdeenbikers.co.uk takes no responsibility for the accuracy of this information.
Please refer to the originating website for further details: ie opening times, location, event T&C's, if there is a burger/pie van or not, entry/spectating fees etc.
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