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User can't log in

Post by crankcase » Tue Mar 09, 2010 2:28 pm

Help admin !!!!!!
tcat78 hasn't been able to log in for weeks.
This is what he's saying

"cant seem to get access to the website, been trying for weeks to re-set my password but none of the admins are responding to the e-mails the system sends when you request account re-activation or forgotten passwords..."

"yeh tried to log in, but says i have reached my limit of attempts. Have requested a re-set some time ago but nothing, also passwored re-set, but nothing. The confirmation code is also a nightmare to read (you need 10 pints to make it clear!!!) can you e-mail an admin on my behalf and give them my hotmail to respond to?"

I've got his e-mail addy which I can PM if needed.

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