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Post by Dave »

I have done a bit of research but not really found a clear answer or way forward.

I am looking for a sound system that will melt the ears of a normal human when cranked up, yet retain clear definition up to and slightly beyond that limit.

To be used with for movies and music...DVD's, CDs and electronic files.

Speaker height about 2 metre off the floor
Room size 10 metre by 6 metre
Walls without soft covering
Solid floor

Running cables will not be a problem

Any one got a solution ?

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Re: !!

Post by al »


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Re: !!

Post by aisgsimon »

an old integrated amp. A cambridge audio A1 can be found for a reasonable price on fleabay

I run some wee Q acoustics bookshelf speakers of mine and its good

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Re: !!

Post by RK6 »

Dave, need a bit more info to advise properly...

Are you looking for an all in one solution (sound bar or sound base) or would you prefer a full surround sound setup?

Sound bars and bases can be hit or miss but if you get a good one, they're ace.

Check here for sound bars and here for sound bases.

For an ear melting surround sound system that doesn't distort at silly dB you're best with an amp (to plug everything in to) and a good set of speakers. Don't be fooled into buying 7.1 or anything daft, a good set of 5.1 speakers will far out perform a mediocre 7.1 set.

Have a look here and here for some recommendations in each price point.

Be warned, costs can easily spiral out of control when you start looking at separate systems!

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