Made my day

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Made my day

Post by Gazza »

Nothing to do with bikes, but Ronda's downfall definitely made my day. Laugh? I nearly shat myself. :log

The virtue of a great sportsman/woman is respect for their opponents, whether they like them or not. No matter how far she was up her own arse, how much it was all a show to increase ticket sales etc, when it came to tapping gloves before the fight she lost a lot of respect. Then to go out and get absolutely trounced will be her most embarrassing and levelling moment. Little wonder she hung her head in shame during the winner's announcement.

A true champ would stand up, apologise for being such a cnut and tell us what they intend to do about it. Let's see if she does. I'm not a betting man, but I know where my money would be.

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Re: Made my day

Post by stevemoid »

Ronda believed in her own hype and payed the price for it.

Hopefully she learns from it and becomes a better fighter. Holly made her look like an amateur. It's good for the division though, opens it back up for the likes of Misha Tate who got sidelined for the fight with Ronda earlier.

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Re: Made my day

Post by willian »

Rousey wasn't in it for even a second, great performance from Holm.

Rousey kept walking onto punches thinking she was invincible....... clearly not!

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