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Post by Dave »

This morning while riding thru some twisties this morning something hit my left foot.
I don’t know if it was my reaction, the farce of the impact, or a bit of both, but all I remember is feeling a good bit of pain and my foot was hanging off the peg.
"WTF" instantly followed.
For the next couple of miles I could not feel anything from the foot other than discomfort. I could not wriggle the toes.
That got me thinking whether I should carry on to work, or return to home.
As I am dedicated to my work, I decided to carry on while trying the gears on the bike.
Down changing was not too bad, up changing not that comfortable, but I carried onto work while thinking thru the options and hassle factors of whatever I decide.

Dedication got the better of me, so I carried on to work.

Getting off the bike was ok'ish, walking to the door was more of a hobble, avoiding pressure on my toes.

When entering the lobby I noticed hazard tape across the doors of the lift...WTF...so a slow hobble up the stairs until I got some sort of rhythm going.

I can now wriggle the toes, not comfortable, but a fraction of the discomfort after the initial hit.

Now I don’t want to take my boot off, just in case the foot swells up and I can't get the boot back on.

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Re: ouch

Post by al »

If the foot swells up then I wouldn't be trying to get my foot in a boot or trying to ride the bike back.

Hopefully it is just bruising but having broken three metatarsals in my right foot seven years ago I wish I had let the foot heal properly and not rushed back to work and walking around without support. The foot is sore to this day and I have limited movement in my toes.

That's one of the reasons I go for a sturdy motocross style boot. I was glad of that a couple of years ago when I had the misfortune to his a sheep.

Big Kneed Al (master of the emergency stop & "stand up" comedian).

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Re: ouch

Post by Gazza »

I've broken metatarsals in both feet. The first foot was left to fix itself and I hobbled aroun don crutches for a while. It gives me pain to this day, some 41 years later.

The metatarsals in the second foot were pinned and due to a busted ankle I was also in plaster. No problems at all in 8 years.

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Re: ouch

Post by willian »

Dave, is it the same foot that you broke when you kicked that concrete fence post when we were kids and I won at "wally" for once :log :log :log :log

I still laugh like f*ck when I think back at that :cool

You were adamant that you were going to get the ball back in play :log

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