Isn't Monza Great?

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Isn't Monza Great?

Post by Sherpa » Mon May 12, 2008 12:57 pm

What a great weekend of racing.

The long straights and slipstreaming make for epic contests. If only they'd junk the first chicane for WSB it would be perfect.

If you only ever go to one European round in your life - go to Monza.

The track is in a huge public park. You can get lost in the woods inside the actual circuit. Sections of the original banked oval are still there and you can walk up them. Nothing beats watching a long train of bikes exiting Ascari and bombing along another massive straight before peeling into the Parabolica. On race day you arrive at 8am to get a seat and find all the grand stands packed out already.

My favourite memory - wondering how to go about getting over the fence after the second WSB race for the annual track invasion when the Italian blokes next to me pull out a pair of bolt-cutters from their bag and proceed to snip a neat, man sized hole in the mesh for everyone to stream through.

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Re: Isn't Monza Great?

Post by steve » Mon May 12, 2008 1:02 pm

my mate keith from edinburgh went to monza for world superbikes in 2006 an he loved it , he kept textin me when he was there to make me jealous an it worked :log

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Re: Isn't Monza Great?

Post by Cossackmannie » Mon May 12, 2008 2:12 pm

The last two rounds have been brilliant to watch. Both supersports rounds were mental!!! If you had tuned in for the last two laps, you'd think you were watching the first two laps because it was soooo close racing. So far this year, WSB and WSS has been more exciting than MotoGP.

Haga at Monza was amazing!! How many of us would have the balls to run at 170mph just 2 foot from the back wheel of the bike in front? Neukirchener(?) is showing he can run with the big boys now he has a competitive bike. Good to see a new race winner!
You would have thought the Dukes would be unbeatable at a fast track like Monza with the extra 200cc and Bayliss on form, but the Suzukis seemed to have the legs on them all on the straights. Haga's Yam seems the best sorted package as his bike hardly twitched around the parabolica.

Looking forward to the next round already :2up

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