Tim Hastings - BSB Knockhill - Stock 600

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Tim Hastings - BSB Knockhill - Stock 600

Post by Auld Twister » Fri Jun 24, 2011 11:48 am

A highly eventful weekend at a rainy Knockhill saw Tim Hastings put in a superb race performance to gain another points finish in the 2011 Metzeler 600 Superstock National Championship.

The weekend at the Falkirk rider’s local track got off to a good start, with Tim completing 23 laps of a drenched Knockhill and ending Friday’s free practice session in P15. Later that afternoon Tim took to the circuit for Q1 - still in the wet - and was lapping at a very good pace in P5 when he was caught out in turn one (taken at 100mph in the wet) and highsided from his Kawasaki ZX6R. There were a few anxious moments as Tim and his machine ended up in the middle of the track facing the oncoming traffic, but the quick action of the circuit marshals and race director saw the red flags bring a temporary halt to the session while Tim and his bike were safely recovered.

Whilst Tim was battered and bruised but able to walk away, his bike did not fair quite so well and the team worked into the early hours of Saturday morning repairing the damage to ensure it was ready for Q2. The rain continued to fall as Tim made his way onto the circuit with a new rear Metzeler wet fitted, but although he was taking it easy on his out lap, he immediately highsided again going into turn one, bringing an unwelcome and premature end to the qualifying session. Although on a slower lap, Tim landed awkwardly and sustained friction burns to his side and back. He was also coughing flecks of blood, but a visit to the medical centre confirmed there was no serious damage - simply the effects of the heavy impacts sustained in both crashes. Again however, there was substantial damage to the bike which the team set about repairing ahead of Sunday's race.

With all Team Twisters spare bodywork used up, thanks are due to the Replicast team whose help ensured that one set of bodywork was patched up for the race. Literally minutes before pit lane opened though, a leak in the radiator was discovered, but after a check to see where the leak was, it was decided it would be safe enough to start the race. Tim, however, was under instructions to keep an eye on the engine temperature and retire the Team Green Kawasaki if the engine got too hot.

With the weather finally improving and some welcome sunshine appearing, Tim started the race from a lowly P24 on the 6th row of the grid and got off to an average start, but he completed the first lap in P20 and soon settled into a good pace as he set about trying to get into the points. By lap 19 of 22, Tim had moved into 13th place, but - with no dry track time leading up to the race - was beginning to suffer the effects of lack of rear grip due to a compromised dry setup. In true Twister style, Tim rode a very determined final three laps to retain P13 at the finish. A brilliant race performance had really turned around a difficult weekend - just reward for all the effort from the entire team and a brave determined ride from a somewhat beaten up rider.

Team Twister could not have made the grid if it was not for all the help and parts received from the Gearlink Kawasaki Supersport team, including the advice to Tim from Ben Wilson. At weekends like these, it is a pleasure to be part of the Kawasaki family. Thanks also to Shark helmets which provide an excellent - and much needed - trackside service and back-up.

Once again the team would have struggled without the help of all the people who support Tim, both at the circuit and those who couldn't make it but sent text messages of encouragement. Thanks to Mick Simms and Tina Mason who made the trip to Knockhill and without whose help Tim simply could not afford to compete. Thanks also to Neil Ferrier who worked tirelessly all weekend - ably assisted by Ian Allsopp.

The team will now concentrate on getting everything repaired and ready for the next round at Snetterton on 3rd July.


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Re: Tim Hastings - BSB Knockhill - Stock 600

Post by Borntobewild » Fri Jun 24, 2011 12:19 pm

I heard about the offs from one of Tim's sponsors at the weekend. Glad he is fine and you guys are well on the road to success. Well done Twister despite the crappy weather you had to face. Good luck next month and I hope the sun shines on you.

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