Inverurie Bike Training

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Inverurie Bike Training

Post by McWullie »

Hi all i have a friend interested in learning to ride he is from Inverurie and I think there is two Schools out there just wondering which one was the best?


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Re: Inverurie Bike Training

Post by haiax0 »

I think Biketec have an outfit out there.. good reviews from the majority of people who trained under them in Aberdeen.

Not sure of any others.

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Re: Inverurie Bike Training

Post by Wilko86 »

I did my CBT with biketec at inverurie. 10/10 :2up

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Re: Inverurie Bike Training

Post by Hagar »

Yup Biketec are in Inverurie as well as Aberdeen. Don't know how Eric manages to split him self in two :eek

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Re: Inverurie Bike Training

Post by Snoop »

:2up :2up for bike tec, they work out of the Council building Car park most sat & sunday Inverurie.

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Re: Inverurie Bike Training

Post by Yarek »

I trained with a different school for my CBT, but after a poor experience I switched to Biketec for my DAS last year and my wife did her CBT with them also. Bikes are a bit tatty, but what do you expect when there's a bunch of people who haven't got a clue riding about in them. The instruction was excellent though and Eric definitely seems to pride himself on the pass rate of his students.

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