Siezed Calipers

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Siezed Calipers

Post by aisgsimon » Thu Feb 14, 2013 12:21 pm

Dear all,

My motobrick has recently failed its MOT recently due to the font brakes requring too much effort before engaging. Went to a local mechanic who said they were siezed (damn the inter roads and old bmws..)and at that time there was nothing to be done about it. Looking to do the job myself as I hear it will take about 3 hours work, with my upcoming wedding to pay for I dont really have the spare cash but would like to get her on the road as she is my one and only mode of transport. The calipers are not on flexi hoses so removal is not super simple, any advice or anybody in the city centre who might be able to spare hand for a few hours appreciated. I have some basic tools, beer :cheers and a keen culinary interest so could provide such in return for any help.

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