Bush Road race 19/06/2010

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Bush Road race 19/06/2010

Post by Sheep24 »

Well i had a mixed weekend.

Went to Bush road racer a 3.3mile road circuit in Northern Ireland. No practice just straight in to a 4 lap qual session, Went out on the ER6 first in the Supertwin class 2nd lap into it my Gear selector rod snapped so only got 1 lap in and Qualfied 17th out of 35. Next was the Junior class on the ER6 again and managed to qualify 3rd on the grid was happy with that. Then went straight out on the ZX6R in the Senior class off the back of the grid and didnt manage to get one clean lap so only managed 11th on the grid!

Race day Saturday Extremley hot and even got baked like a lobster.
Race 1 Supertwins
Clip on came loose on first lap so had top pull in!!!

Race 2
Off the start line leading race for 5 laps was passed in a dodgy spot so sat behind the guy for 1 lap lined up to pass the leader and gear selector rod snapped!!!!! :angryfire Got back to pits to find out me and the guy who were leading were breaking the lap record nearly every lap :2up

Race 3

Really wound up :log Adjusted stearing damper on the line to be tighter. So flag went up and got from 11th to 8th on first corner, came out of corner over first jump and realised i had loosend the Steering damper. I spent most of the first lap trying to tighten up Damper. So got my head down and managed to get up to 3rd and set a new lap record. So i was happyish with my weekend :P

Next race Skerries 100 in 2 weeks. Few things to do for then.

Craig :2up
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Re: Bush Road race 19/06/2010

Post by Zax »

Sheep24 wrote:. Few things to do for then.
1. Buy loctite!

Sounds like you had an Ok weekend overall.

but it also sounds like you are getting more and more competitive pace wise which at least should be a big encouragement.

Well done once again. :2up
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Re: Bush Road race 19/06/2010

Post by RK6 »

Congrats Craig & as Dave said; some Loctite wouldn't go a miss! :log
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Re: Bush Road race 19/06/2010

Post by Borntobewild »

Well done guys. :worthy
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