Brake Caliper Seal Replacement

11th January 2019By alWorkshop

During my most recent brake caliper maintenance routine it was obvious that a quick clean wasn’t going to be enough this tile. At least one dust seal on each of the front calipers was obviously bulging round the edge of the pistons and the caliper sliders were very stiff. Time for a caliper strip down … Read More

Brake Cleaning

7th February 2018By alWorkshop

Like me, some of you have been using your bike on and off during the winter and may have noticed a slow degradation in brake performance or the bike needing more effort to wheel around when parking up. This might go unnoticed if you have had your bike in storage over the winter months and … Read More

Motorcycle Charging System Diagnosis Checks

2nd February 2018By alWorkshop

If your bike is starting to suffer from blown headlight bulbs or the battery’s ability to hold a charge is becoming unpredictable then you need to inpect your bikes charging system. There are three main sections to the charging system on most bikes (excluding the wiring inbetween). Those are the Battery, Regulator/Rectifier (R/R) and the … Read More